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Fruits Basket season 3 trailer is all feels

I audibly went OOOOOOHHHHH

The third and final season of Fruits Basket is just around the corner. A new trailer reveals that we’re going to be in for an emotional ride, full of teary embraces, hands catching, moonlight brooding ... and some smooches.

Based on the popular manga of the same name, Fruits Basket follows wide-eyed Tohru Honda as she slowly becomes entangled with the mysterious Sohma family. Afflicted with a curse that turns them into animals of the zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite sex, the Sohmas live in isolation, following the will of powerful family head Akito. But Tohru is classmates with Yuki and Kyo (who turn into the rat and cat, respectively) and eventually meets the rest of the family, discovering the secrets that bind them all together.

This is the second anime based on the manga. The second season of Fruits Basket wrapped up in fall 2020 and introduced new characters like Kureno, the rooster of the zodiac, and student council members Machi and Kakeru Manabe.

The third season of Fruits Basket will premiere in April on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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