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Attack on Titan Final Season’s latest episode has been delayed

Due to an earthquake in Japan, episode 14 will arrive as a double feature

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attack on titan - titan Image: Funimation
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The newest episode of Attack on Titan Final Season, episode 14, has been delayed due to an earthquake in Japan. Attack on Titan is normally simulcast on Crunchyroll at 3:45 p.m. EDT on Sundays, but this episode will instead be shown at a later date, according to Crunchyroll’s Twitter.

The earthquake occurred in Wakayama, Wakayama Shi, Japan, and, according to Crunchyroll, the episode’s broadcast has been delayed to prioritize news coverage of the event.

While this delay could push episode 14 back at least a day or two, it’s unlikely to upset the scheduling for the rest of the season; however, there’s no official announcement yet. Polygon has reached out to Crunchyroll for clarification. As of last week, the anime distributor announced that Attack on Titan Final Season’s last episode — which may or may not be a series finale — was scheduled to air on March 28.

Update (March 15): Attack on Titan Final Season episode 14 will now air on Sunday, March 21, at the usual time of 3:45 p.m. EDT, Funimation announced Monday on Twitter. Episode 15 will follow immediately afterward, which should keep the season on track to end on March 28.

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