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In Netflix’s new Sherlock Holmes show, the biggest mystery is Sherlock himself

A group of street kids solve supernatural cases for the detective, who’s somehow caught up in all of it

Something wicked is afoot in Victorian London, but Sherlock Holmes is nowhere to be found.

Instead, Netflix’s new Sherlock Holmes-inspired series, The Irregulars, follows a gang of street kids in Victorian London, hired by Dr. John Watson to investigate supernatural happenings around London. A previous teaser only hinted at the sorts of crimes the teens would solve, but the new trailer dives right into the supernatural. Not only are the crimes themselves paranormal, it seems that one of the girls has some sort of power, which allows her to see beyond what normal people can. As for the criminal activity in question, there is a whole gamut ranging from a buried hand bursting out of the ground, a man wearing someone else’s face as a mask, floating people, creepy summoning circles, and much more!

The series comes from Watership Down director Tom Bidwell, who has previously gushed about how this idea was a dream project of his that he’s been working on for over 10 years.

The Irregulars hits Netflix on March 26.

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