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Fall Guys season 4 trailer has ’80s vibes and an Among Us crossover

Bumbling into the year 4041

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 4 got a new trailer on Monday, revealing its sick 80s theme and a crossover skin with Among Us. Mediatonic will launch the new season on March 22.

The trailer features a typical Fall Guys Bean who gets pushed off the platform and into the goop. But instead of respawning back at the start of the course, they float there for 2020 years. In 4041, some techno-tentacles dress them up in what we can only assume is the popular garb for the time and send them on their way, into the synth-filled, neon-colored future.

The trailer features a few major teases for the season, like light bridges, airlifts, and what looks to be a 80s workout video-themed Bean costume (complete with leg warmers). There also appears to be a capture the battery-type minigame.

The trailer ends with a brief teaser for a new skin line, clearly based on the multiplayer hit, Among Us. A Bean falls into a big vat of lava before bobbing above the surface for a second. The Bean is wearing an Among Us-like spacesuit and some text plays across the screen: “Fall Guy was ejected. 1 Imposter remains.”

It’s currently unclear when the Among Us skin will appear in the game, how much it will cost, or if players can pick up any colors other than the flagship red.

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