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Oh good, Bunny Day (and Zipper) returns to Animal Crossing in April

Everyone’s (least) favorite holiday mascot

an animal crossing character holding up an easter egg, with an easter bunny lurking menacingly in the background Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo
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Let’s be honest here. Does anyone actually like Zipper T. Bunny? Last year, for Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBunny Day event, players spent the majority of the time bullying the creature. Forget Animal Crossing, Zipper may as well have been pulled from horror games Five Nights at Freddy’s or Silent Hill 3.

Regardless, Zipper is back for Bunny Day again in 2021, though Nintendo didn’t make much of a mention of him in its Tuesday morning announcement. Instead, the Animal Crossing team highlighted the return of eggs and DIY-crafted items specifically for the event, as well as some new Bunny Day exclusive items available to purchase at Nook’s Cranny. But if you look into the background of Nintendo’s New Horizons press images, you can, indeed, see Zipper lurking in the shadows, as always.

Great! Thanks, Nintendo.

The 2021 New Horizons Bunny Day event will likely work much like it has in the past, with eggs and DIY recipes hidden around islands. You can dig for them, fish for them, and shake them out of trees. Some eggs can be harvested by hitting rocks, while others can be carved out of trees as if they were wood. Let’s ignore the science behind this magic.

Please stop reading if you don’t want us to spoil the surprise, but last year, Bunny Day ended the event by absolutely trolling players. The gift he promised at the end of the event — for all the hardship surrounding the tedious egg collection? A Zipper toy.

The good news is, Nintendo did announce a whole suite of other features coming with the spring update.

Bunny Day itself is back on April 4, but you’ll find eggs popping up as soon as March 28. The exclusive Bunny Day items will be available at Nook’s Cranny from March 28 to April 4 — one per day.

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