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Sea of Thieves fans create a pirate Olympics

Everyone wants to earn that gold

Sea of Thieves - a crew of pirates play music around a treasure chest they’ve just discovered Image: Rare/Microsoft Studios
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Sea of Thieves is about to get its own version of the Olympics, thanks to a fan made tournament. Spuleta, a long-time content creator, has announced the second season of the “Spulecup,” and pirates can compete by proving that they’re the best at a variety of nautical tasks.

For instance, in an exhaustive document explaining the challenges, Spuleta explained how a game of Hide and Seek will work. Every pirate has to die, going to the spectral Ferry of the Damned, while a judge hides a valuable piece of treasure around the pirate arena in the middle of the Sea of Thieves. Then, every crew has to find it — without using any aggression, so you can’t shoot your opponents.

Once that’s done, everyone heads to the Lagoon of Whispers, where a fleet of rowboats waits for them. Players have to choose a member of their crew, who takes part in a rowboat race up to Sanctuary Outpost. Then, there’s a fishing competition, where everyone tries to catch the best fish and pack them into crates to deliver to the judge. A final individual contest tests pirates’ balance. After everyone is smashed on grog and low on health, they climb to the top of a galleon and balance along the sails to prove their balance.

Winners get Obsidian cosmetics, which are black and green accessories that normally only drop from special streams or Rare events. The competition will start on March 20, and be streamed on Twitch. The second season is also the first time the Spulecup is open to players from around the world.

Sea of Thieves is currently part way through its first season, with Shroudbreaker cosmetics. The game has just hit its third anniversary, with February 2021 marking the game’s most successful month yet.

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