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Apex Legends’ first Switch gameplay trailer shows off handheld footage

Switch players will get a Pathfinder skin and 30 battle pass levels for free

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Respawn Entertainment has finally shown off Apex Legends running on the Nintendo Switch. The first gameplay trailer was released on Tuesday, and it looks a lot like the Apex Legends you’re used to, only a little smaller.

While the footage is mostly recognizable as the Apex Legends players have come to expect over the last couple of years, there is one noticeable difference: The game appears to be running at a lower resolution than its console and PC counterparts. Switch ports frequently take a visual hit when arriving from other platforms, and it looks like Apex Legends is no different.

One question that the trailer doesn’t answer is how smooth and consistent the game’s frame rate will be. While that’s certainly a highlight of the other versions, the less-powerful Switch could have a tough time when things get hectic, but hopefully the lower resolution will help with that. While the console and PC versions of the game can run at a 60 fps (or higher), the Switch is likely to run at 30 fps, though Respawn hasn’t officially announced a frame rate for the platform yet.

The Switch version of Apex Legends will include all of the features in the console and PC versions of the game, and will be on the same patch and season cycle as well. The new version will also feature cross-play, so that Switch players can play online with and against players on every other platform.

Switch players will get an free, limited-time Legendary skin for Pathfinder. Because the game will be released in the middle of a new season, Switch players will also get the first 30 levels of the season 8 battle pass for free, as well as double XP for the first two weeks after the game launches. Because Apex Legends progress doesn’t carry over from one platform to another, this should provide a nice bonus for new and returning players.

Apex Legends is set to come to Nintendo Switch on March 9.

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