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Valheim’s birds are innocent of boat thievery, says developer

Justice for the birds!

Valheim - a Viking sits aboard a longship outside a village Image: Iron Gade Studios/Coffee Stain Publishing
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Valheim fans have encountered a common problem: someone, or something, is causing their boats to vanish. Some Vikings blamed their friends, while others thought it could be a normal bug in an early access game.

Oe viral tweet from March 1 seemed to explain the phenomenon.

This is a fantastic explanation for a bug, and players were enamored with the idea that birds were swooping down out of nowhere and taking entire boats away with them.

But Polygon reached out to developer Iron Gate Studio to determine whether the mystery had been solved, and it sounds like players haven’t found the truth behind those missing boats quite yet. An Iron Gate representative shared the following with Polygon via email:

In regard to the bug in the tweet you shared, it is not real, haha! Interesting to see how much traction that tweet has received.

About glitches ... There was a glitch which saw one object get the data of another, so for the above example, a bird could have gotten the data of a ship, thus a player could’ve experienced a flying ship — but yeah, no ship-stealing birds!

In short, a bird could have appeared to be a Viking longship flying off into the air, which sounds like a trick worthy of Loki himself ... but players can rest assured that birds won’t be taking off with the results of their hard work.

Boat-building Vikings will still need to keep an eye out to make sure their friends and server-mates aren’t taking off with their rafts and longships, because the humble birds have been acquitted of all crimes.

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