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Before Your Eyes is a life story that you control by blinking

A whole life told in several blinks of your eye

Before Your Eyes is a new game that you control using only blinking and your eyes. Developer GoodbyeWorld Games announced the game on Thursday and released a first trailer that shows off what it’s like to move through a story with blinks.

The trailer starts out by explaining the game’s premise. You’re reliving the memories of someone’s life. The trailer includes flashes of memories like playing with toys as a child, a date, and a funeral. All of your trips through these memories are guided and narrated by a character called the Ferryman, who shepherds souls to the afterlife.

While you’re in the memories themselves, you can look around by looking at different areas of the screen, while your webcam tracks your eyes. Every time you blink, you move to a new memory and the previous one fades away.

Before Your Eyes is set to release on April 8 and will be available on Windows PC via Steam.

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