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Warframe’s next updates are focused on improving the game’s big spaceship

Railjack 3.0 is on the way

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Warframe - a player stands aboard the Railjack Image: Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes has unveiled a roadmap for the spring of 2021, and it looks like the spaceship mode Railjack will see some major overhauls. During a developer Q&A stream, players learned about some of the next changes coming to the fast-paced looter shooter.

The first big update will be Railjack 3.0. The Railjack system launched in an incomplete state, and the developer has been addressing major balance changes since. Railjack 3.0 will include the Corpus enemy faction as well as the Command Intrinsic, which allows players to staff their ship with helpful NPC crew mates and go solo.

Another big change is that the host will no longer control all the tools that players on a Railjack have at their disposal; players can bring in their own individual Avionics set-ups, which means that someone can bring their progress to another player’s ship. Intrinsics, the talent points that players spend in categories to become a better gunner, engineer, or pilot, are also being rebalanced and players will get a free respec.

Finally, Railjacks will become a little more useful for players who have goals outside of space combat and upgrading their ships. Players will be able to collect Relics in Void Storms, including Relics that include the parts of rare Prime Warframes. The Ash Warframe will be unlocked through Railjack content, and players can complete Orphix Venom missions in order to get rewards usually offered by the tricky Eidolon bosses.

Digital Extremes will release more details about Railjack 3.0 in the days to come. Railjack 3.0 will be followed by the update Call of the Tempestarii, which includes the brand new Sevagoth Warframe.

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