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Spiritfarer’s free Lily update is available now

Learn more about Spiritfarer’s main character, Stella

The first of three free DLC packs have arrived to Spiritfarer, the cozy management game about death and moving on. The Lily update is now available, and introduces a new spirit by that name.

With the update, Stella’s memories manifest as beautiful flowers around her cabin, and as butterflies are drawn to the flowers, they manifest into Lily, the Butterfly Spirit.

This is a “small yet important addition to Spiritfarer’s main game,” according to developer Thunder Lotus. The pack is about protagonist Stella, her journey, and wrapping up some narrative loose ends. There are some other quality-of-life additions, including more visibility at night; Lily will light the way as Stella steers her boat.

Two more free updates are planned for Spiritfarer, which launched in August. The next update is about Beverly, a former neighbor of Stella’s, and it will include a new collectible and a room to store them in, as well as more quality-of-life improvements. The final one will be the Jackie and Daria update, which adds a new island with two new spirits.

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