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Outriders developer apologizes for server issues, will offer in-game gift

Players who stuck it out will get a make-good

A Trickster Outrider wields two pistols Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix

After a rocky launch weekend for Outriders’ servers, developer People Can Fly will give players a “community appreciation package” for their patience. The studio revealed the bonus for players as part of a post to the game’s subreddit on Thursday. Everybody who has played Outriders between March 31 and April 11 will receive the in-game gift.

While People Can Fly didn’t provide an exact date for the reward package, it did reveal what it plans to deliver. Eligible players will receive a Legendary weapon, some of the endgame Titanium currency, and the “Frustration” emote. People Can Fly said the emote choice here is “fitting” but wasn’t intentionally ironic — the emote was already in development prior to the real-world frustration around the launch.

The reward will go only to each player’s highest-level character. The character’s level determines the power of the Legendary weapon and the amount of Titanium they’ll get.

While People Can Fly is still working out the finer details of the appreciation package, the studio thanked fans for sticking with Outriders through the server troubles. The studio also provided a postmortem on the connectivity issues on Reddit, where fans can read what went wrong. The studio said it worked through the Easter weekend to solve the issues, which had to do more with an externally hosted database than just server demand.

People Can Fly will likely alert players via Twitter when the package becomes available, although it sounds like it will automatically apply the gift to players’ accounts.

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