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Aquaman gets a wacky makeover in James Wan and ThunderCats team’s new cartoon

The King of Atlantis has his work cut out for him

Aquaman is back, and this time, he’s an animated goofball. The new HBO Max series Aquaman: King of Atlantis follows the oceanic hero as he takes up the Atlantean throne for the first time. It’s a fun, family-friendly adventure full of sea monsters and ocean battles, all animated in a very bright and colorful style.

The first teaser for the three-part miniseries finds Aquaman stepping up to the throne — which is extremely awkward to sit in — and rising to the challenge of leading his people. Aquaman will be voiced by Cooper Andrews (The Walking Dead), with Gillian Jacobs (Community) as warrior princess Mera, Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) as advisor Vulko, and Dana Snyder (Jellystone!) as villainous Ocean Master.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis is executive produced by Aquaman director James Wan, with Victor Courtright (ThunderCats Roar!) and Marly Halpern-Graser (Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) serving as showrunners.

The show premieres on Oct. 14 on HBO Max, with new episodes airing weekly.

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