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We streamed New State Mobile on Twitch

Famously we are so good at battle royale games

Tara Long leads Polygon’s video content across YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and other platforms as executive producer. She has worked in games media on and off since 2010.

We did something a little different on our Twitch channel last week: a live, in-person battle royale session presented by New State Mobile!

I’m proud to say that we managed to not break any expensive mobile gaming devices in the process. We did, however, subject poor Pat Gill to a litany of mysterious energy drinks ranging from “surprisingly good” to “contains notes of cat food and tuna fish.” We also got to show off our hard-polished shooter skills!

In case you’re not familiar, New State Mobile is a battle royale game that drops 100 players on an island to loot n’ shoot for their survival. We, of course, have a history of this kind of thing, having streamed PUBG as recently as October 20th with our much-anticipated Awful Squad reunion.

Check our our archive of the stream above, and be sure to go follow us on Twitch where we stream every week. Sometimes multiple times a week!

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