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Mass Effect director Casey Hudson making all-new AAA sci-fi game

It’s Humanoid Studios’ first project

two astronauts on an ominous planet with a large skull looming over Image: Humanoid Studios

Humanoid Studios, led by former BioWare boss and Mass Effect director Casey Hudson, officially has an update on its first big game. The website for the studio now details that it is developing an “all-new science-fiction universe.”

“Our current project is a multi-platform AAA game, focusing on character-driven narrative in an all-new science-fiction universe,” reads the website.

Additionally, there are a handful of concept images on the site, giving some slight hints at what the game might be about. Most of them are pretty standard sci-fi images of far-off planets and space explorers. One particularly evocative image sees a small humanoid astronaut looking up at a large, vaguely skull-shaped structure that looms over the eerie landscape. There are no further plot details, but here’s hoping we can smooch some aliens.

Hudson founded Humanoid Studios in June 2021, after departing his two-decade long career at BioWare, where he oversaw Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect trilogy. He had originally left BioWare in 2014, though returned in 2017, before leaving again in 2020. Hudson’s second departure from BioWare also coincided with Dragon Age lead Mark Darrah leaving the studio.

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