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Critical Role hosts Stephen Colbert tonight on YouTube and Twitch

The charity stream will benefit Red Nose Day

Stephen Colbert stands with the cast of Critical Role, all wearing red noses Photo: Critical Role
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Critical Role will be joined by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert for the second time tonight, in a charity stream for Red Nose Day.

The adventure will premiere live on Critical Role’s YouTube and Twitch channels at 10 p.m. EDT. It can then be watched on demand on YouTube from noon EDT on Friday.

Matthew Mercer, as Game Master, will guide Colbert and Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel in the campaign. Johnson, Ray, and Riegel will be reprising their Mighty Nein characters Yasha, Beau, and Nott, all at level 5.

Colbert’s character’s fate has to some extent already been decided by fans making donation-based votes. He will have a bee that travels with him; the bee will be called Eric the 2nd, and be following in his father’s footsteps. He will be able to cast Polymorph once during the adventure, regardless of his class and level. He needs to recover his dignity that has somehow been taken from him. And he will start his journey with a living weapon that despises violence.

Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign dedicated to ending child poverty and ensuring a healthy future for all children. Since 2019, the Critical Role Foundation has raised around $790K for Red Nose day, including from its first collaboration with Colbert in 2019. The 2022 campaign has raised $115K even before the airing of the Colbert adventure.

You can find out more and donate at the Critical Role Foundation’s campaign page.