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Dread Hunger’s newest patch adds more scares to the social sabotage game

Thrall in the family

Dread Hunger - an ominous skull hangs over the Grimoire spellbook Image: Dread Hunger Team/Digital Confectioners

Dread Hunger’s first patch, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, is now live, and it gives Thralls even more tools of magical mayhem.

Dread Hunger is like a marriage between The Terror and Among Us. An expedition into the Arctic has gone horribly wrong, and a few members of the lost crew have been replaced with malevolent Thralls. The Explorers have to try to escape without getting murdered, while the Thralls attempt to stop them by any means necessary, including the aforementioned murder (and magic). Patch 1.1 is the game’s first patch after leaving early access.

Thralls can already summon a horde of horrible beasts or an opaque blizzard, but now they have two new abilities: Hush and Doppelgänger. Hush mutes Explorers and creates a magical Skype call with the other Thrall, so you can coordinate with your fellow impostor. Doppelgänger is exactly what you would expect from the name — it lets you morph into one of the Explorers and sew some chaos by driving the ship into the shoals, lighting an explosive, or hitting someone over the head with a giant bone.

Meanwhile, the starting docks are much more useful. Players can visit merchants, craft new cosmetic gear, select their Thrall spells of choice at a grimoire, and hunt down scurrying rats. The patch also includes high-level balance adjustments and bug fixes to create a more stable and competitive experience. The patch notes read, “This includes a sabotage rework, a new way to compromise the ship, and Thralls can now cast spells from the brig. We won’t go into detail about these changes just yet, as we’d love for you to dive right in and try them for yourself.”

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