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Wild Rift’s next patch adds more League of Legends champions and magical girls

Patch 3.3 is chock full of content

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League of Legends’ mobile adaptation Wild Rift is still smaller than the mainline product, but it steadily continues to grow with updates from Riot. The next major addition, patch 3.3, is called Shining Bright, and it’s set to bring a whole host of new content to the game. Riot released a developer overview of the new champions, skins, and game modes that will arrive with the update.

Kassadin is the first champion revealed to arrive in Shining Bright. Kassadin is an anti-mage melee mid laner who does well in the late game and is especially potent against enemies who cast a lot of spells or channel long abilities.

Two Noxians are also on the way. Samira is a marksman who also has lots of melee power; she’s a daredevil who thrives in the thick of battle, earning style points for mixing up her abilities. Meanwhile, Sion is a massive juggernaut who earns bonus health for killing minions and taking champions down. Even killing him isn’t enough to stop him, as his passive ability lets him temporarily come back to life and go for the revenge kill.

Wild Rift players have also been able to queue for a temporary mode called Elemental Rift. Riot has been experimenting with this mode, which gives teams powerful buffs for killing dragons and claiming their souls. The map will shift over time as well, changing depending on whether you get infernal, mountain, or wind dragon spawns. Elemental Rift has been successful enough after multiple iterations that it will become the default map, meaning that all players will have to start watching the map and paying attention to those dragon spawns.

The Star Guardian event brings several exclusive skins to Wild Rift, including Star Guardian Orianna, Seraphine, Senna, and Redeemed Star Guardians Xayah and Rakan. We’ll learn more about the Star Guardians and their event in the coming days, as it will be a large summer event across multiple Riot games.

Finally, there are some good quality-of-life changes to champion ultimate timers and item enchants, as well as other small tweaks. Wild Rift should feel a little better to play with these small changes ironed out, such as the removal of the Shadows enchant, or the ability to switch your enchants without having to sell your boots.

The Shining Bright patch arrives on July 14 on Wild Rift, along with a new ranked season and Wild Pass.

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