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Polygon’s entire merch store is on sale

Get your Pissless mugs while they last!

Graphic featuring six products from the Polygon merch store Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

Polygon is having a sale!

Everything in Polygon’s DFTBA storefront is 20% off until the end of the month. That includes completely normal items like our Polygon enamel pins, as well as stickers and t-shirts for some of our old shows like Unraveled.

It also includes devastatingly specific merchandise that will set you apart as a distinguished member of society, most notably our Authentic Gamer™ t-shirts and Pissless mugs (self-explanatory).

Pair the Authentic Gamer shirt with a tasteful chunky sweater, as modeled here by Entertainment Reporter Petrana Radulovic, for a business casual look that still lets you show off your gamer cred!

IMAGE: A photograph of the Authentic Gamer t-shirt, a black t-shirt covered in gamer slogans. On the other side of the image is a photo of reporter Petrana Radulovic, wearing a sweater over the t-shirt, framing the words “I LOVE EATING ASS DO U?”
Petrana Radulovic models the Authentic Gamer tee

The Pissless mug is possibly the most flexible drinking vessel you will ever find. You’ll see plenty of glasses, mugs, and sippy cups out there that proudly proclaim what they do hold. Tea? Juice? Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee? These cups are for cowards.

The Pissless mug answers a vital question that no one was asking: what’s not in that cup? It simultaneously raises even more questions than it answers, challenging those around you mentally, and possibly spiritually as well.

This sale will run on Polygon’s DFTBA store until the end of August. After that, we’ll be making some big changes to our merch store so this will be your last chance to snag some of these items before they disappear into the vault forever!

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