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Boyfriend Dungeon gets a new dungeon and three new weapons to date

A celebration of the game’s first anniversary

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Boyfriend Dungeon, the game all about dating people who can transform into sexy weapons, just turned one this month. To celebrate, developer Kitfox Games surprise-released Secret Weapons, the first major update for the game with new romanceable characters and a new dungeon for fans to explore. The update is free for anyone who owns a copy of Boyfriend Dungeon.

Players can either start a new game of Boyfriend Dungeon, or complete an in-progress campaign, to meet and date the new weapons. There’s Jonah the Axe, Leah the Hammer, and the enigmatic Dr. Holmes the Whip. Dr. Holmes, who uses she/they pronouns, was designed by Ikumi Nakamura, a veteran of the games industry who’s worked on Okami, Bayonetta, and Resident Evil 2.

In Polygon’s review of Boyfriend Dungeon, Nicole Carpenter wrote: “It would be so easy to create a concept like this that gets lost in a sense of irony, to make it all feel like one big joke. But the developers at Kitfox approached Boyfriend Dungeon with such genuine belief in the story, and that’s ultimately what stuck with me after I finished the game.”

Boyfriend Dungeon is also on sale for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch and Steam, making it a good time for those who missed the launch to pick up the game and explore every dunj within.