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Succession season 4 trailer promises at least one rich person will throw something

There will also be ‘a deal’ under attack. I can’t wait

Succession is a weird show to get hyped for, because at the end of the day, the reason for hating it is the same as the reason for loving it: It’s about the petty disputes between a family of rich jerks and the company they’re jockeying for control over. Like a lot of straight dramas, this doesn’t necessarily make for an exciting trailer, but Succession sure does try. The trailer for its fourth season has someone throwing some papers and jogging through an office corridor!

There are jokes, though, which is another good thing to remember: Succession is funny! And season 4 is picking things up after what’s maybe the goofiest status quo shift yet: The Roy siblings iced out from their father Logan’s (Brian Cox) company following a secret alliance between him and his sycophantic idiot son-in-law, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen). Given this sly maneuver, a major part of this season’s arc will likely revolve around determining whether or not Tom is still, in fact, an idiot — although ending the trailer with him comparing his situation to “Israel and Palestine, but harder, and much more important” does not inspire confidence.

Succession returns to HBO on March 26.

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