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Analogue’s back with another limited edition Pocket lineup

Eight new colors, one-time only

The Analogue Pocket “Limited Editions” lineup
Image: Analogue

The Analogue limited edition circus is back in town. If you’ve held out — no glow-in-the-dark or translucent models for you — this might be your moment to pick up an Analogue Pocket in one of eight new throwback colors. You can snag a model in Blue, Green, Indigo, Spice Orange, Pink, Red, or Silver for the usual $249.99 asking price this Friday, Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. ET at the Analogue website, with orders shipping out the following week.

If the last drop is any indication, Analogue may finally have a handle on its long-standing availability issues with lots of people reporting a smooth checkout experience a a sense of relief that the units didn’t sell out immediately. But we’d still recommend getting to the product page promptly; like last time, these will be available in “highly limited quantities” and “will never be sold again,” according to Analogue’s Chris Taber.

If you’re new to the Pocket, Analogue’s handheld is a boutique clone console capable of playing portable carts from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance (and others, with an adapter) on a crisp, high-resolution backlit screen with a specific focus on technical accuracy.

You can also use OpenFPGA “cores” to emulate hardware from obscure arcade boards to familiar classics like the Sega Genesis. With support for Bluetooth controllers and TV output via the $99 Analogue Dock, the Pocket — with or without these new colors — is an incredible way to enjoy classic games.