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Netflix’s Single’s Inferno, the Archer finale, The Gilded Age, and more new TV this week

Plus: Reacher season 2 and the end of The Crown

Sterling Archer stepping off an elevator Image: FX
Zosha Millman (she/her) manages TV coverage at Polygon as TV editor, but will happily write about movies, too. She’s been working as a journalist for more than 10 years.

We’re losing two great entries into the TV memes category this week: First up is The Gilded Age, which has taken over X feeds everywhere — or at least in a lot of places — with goofy memes paying homage to the series’ arch language and high society antics. That show will be wrapping up its second season, with a possible season 3 on the horizon.

This week will also mark the end of Archer, the legendary FX comedy that has brought the internet plenty of “phrasing” and “Danger Zone” jokes over the years, which now comes to a close with 14 seasons under its belt.

But don’t cry for too long — for starters, there’s new TV, including Such Brave Girls, which promises to have a lot of great jokes and screencap-ability. Here’s that and all the other major TV premieres and finales this week:

New shows on Netflix

Single’s Inferno season 3

Genre: Reality competition
Release date: Dec. 12
Showrunners/creators: Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun
Cast: A bunch of hot singles who are ready to mingle

What can sum up the allure of Single’s Inferno better than how my colleague Nicole Clark puts it? “Single’s Inferno adds a bit of humanity back into a genre I thought I would never be interested in again.” It’s nine folks pushed together trying to awkwardly flirt and bond with each other! I wish them luck, and I look forward to season 3 of this delightful show.

The Crown season 6 part 2

Genre: Historical drama
Release date: Dec. 14, with all episodes
Showrunner/creator: Peter Morgan
Cast: Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic West, Elizabeth Debicki, Jonny Lee Miller, Olivia Williams, and more

The Crown is returning for its final four episodes, focused on life post-Diana (which The Crown covered in the four episodes of part 1 of season 6 in November). Now, Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton) is pondering her legacy, some four decades into her reign — and, along with it, all the things her family has been put through on account of their roles.

Carol & the End of the World

Genre: Animated apocalyptic comedy
Release date: Dec. 15, with all episodes
Showrunner/creator: Dan Guterman
Cast: Martha Kelly, Beth Grant, Lawrence Pressman, and more

Bad news: There’s a planet hurtling toward Earth. This will, of course, mean extinction is looming for humanity (and every other creature on the planet), propelling lots of people to fuck off and indulge themselves in hedonistic pleasures. But one woman is struggling with embracing the end to come as she searches for meaning in her final months on Earth.

New shows on Hulu

Such Brave Girls

Genre: Comedy
Release date: Dec. 15, with all episodes
Showrunner/creator: Kat Sadler
Cast: Kat Sadler, Louise Brealey, Lizzie Davidson, and more

This is a British sitcom about a dysfunctional family, as sisters Josie and Billie navigate life with boys, dancing, and their single mother Deb. Lucky for us — if unlucky for them — they’ve got comically poor judgement and questionable self-esteem. As the trailer shows: It’s a potent comedic mix, and one that’s sure to be high on my recommendation list for the end of the year.

Archer: Into the Cold

Genre: Raunchy spy comedy (finale)
Release date: Dec. 17
Showrunner/creator: Adam Reed
Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Adam Reed, and more

The greatest superspy to ever live in a TacticalNeck™ is retiring; Archer, after 14 years on the air, is coming to a close with a final special on FX (on Hulu). But he’s not going out without a bang (phrasing): The U.N. is going to outlaw espionage work, forcing Archer and his team to work outside the law to capture the latest bad guy.

New shows on Max

30 Coins season 2 finale

Paul Giamatti laughs in front of a giant picture of himself in 30 coins Photo: Manolo Pavón/HBO

Genre: Numismatic horror
Release date: Dec. 11
Showrunner/creator: Álex de la Iglesia
Cast: Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Paul Giamatti, and more

One of TV’s spookiest shows closes out its wicked second season after spending a good chunk of it so far in literal hell. Will the 30 coins end up scattered again? Will Elena and Paco find peace? Will Christian Barbrow bring about the apocalypse? Will Father Vergara take a dang shower? These answers, and more, await us.

The Gilded Age season 2 finale

Louisa Jacobson and Harry Richardson standing and smiling at each other on the street in a still from The Gilded Age season 2 Photo: Barbra Nitke/HBO

Genre: Frothy period piece
Release date: Dec. 17
Showrunner/creator: Julian Fellowes
Cast: Louisa Jacobson, Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski, Morgan Spector, Denée Benton, and more

You are cordially invited to the premiere society event of the season: the finale of The Gilded Age season 2, where Mrs. Russell (Carrie Coon) and Mrs. van Rhijn (Christine Baranski) will compete for the attention of the prince of Wales, and the endorsement of their respectively backed opera houses.

New shows on Prime Video

Reacher season 2

Genre: Action thriller
Release date: Dec. 15, with three episodes
Showrunner/creator: Nick Santora
Cast: Alan Ritchson, Serinda Swan, Domenick Lombardozzi, and more

Based on the Reacher novel Bad Luck and Trouble, season 2 of Reacher sees everyone’s favorite swole detective take on a case that’s a little more personal this time. See, his Army buddies are getting picked off one by one, so the big man is going to have to abandon his loner ways and team up with his old pals to get to the bottom of things.

New shows on Apple TV Plus

The Buccaneers season 1 finale

A girl from The Buccaneers looking smugly at another woman Image: Apple TV Plus

Genre: Plucky period piece
Release date: Dec. 14
Showrunner/creator: Katherine Jakeways
Cast: Kristine Froseth, Imogen Waterhouse, Aubri Ibrag, Josie Totah, Mia Threapleton, Christina Hendricks, and more

When a few plucky American girls went to visit their friend in England for the season (here meaning both season 1 and the courting season), they hardly expected the clash of cultures they got. Now, so many episodes later, they’re going to close out their adventures with — hopefully — only happy (or at least open-ended) endings.

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