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Metro: Last Light is free on Steam for the next week, comrades!

Developer 4A Games is celebrating the game’s tenth birthday by giving it away for free through May 25.

Key art for Metro: Last Light featuring the main character against a postapocalyptic backdrop. Image: 4A Games
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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of Metro: Last Light, developer 4A Games has made the Complete Edition free on Steam for the next week. To add the horrifying sovietwave shooter to your Steam library, you only need to log in and add it to your cart before May 25. While the Metro franchise has been around long enough to get a remastered collection in the form of Metro Redux, this complimentary offer only applies to the original version of Last Light that came out in 2013, but the Complete Edition also comes packaged with all the DLC released for the game, including the brutally realistic “Ranger Mode”.

There hasn’t been much news regarding the Metro Franchise since the release of Sam’s Story, the final bit of DLC that followed the launch of Metro Exodus, but the official Metro Twitter account seems to be teasing some sort of announcement to coincide with this giveaway.

The Metro universe takes place in post-nuclear Moscow, where its inhabitants live in repurposed subway tunnels and trade with bullets as currency. Meanwhile, the surface is an irradiated hellscape occupied by horrific mutants that’ll make you wish you’d stayed underground. The atmosphere of Metro is grim, moody, and desperate. Less like Fallout, and a little more Chernobyl. While the voice acting can be a bit spotty in terms of its delivery in my opinion, my advice is to switch the dialogue to its native Russian and turn on subtitles for a more immersive experience.

While we’re confident that there are plenty of other games vying for your attention right now, between Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the impending launch of Diablo 4, you’ve got nothing to lose by adding this game to your backlog and revisiting it when you’re in the mood for a shooter that’s practically its own vibe.

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