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Twin Peaks: Into The Night is shaping up to be a fantastic tribute to David Lynch’s iconic series

The owls are not what they see in this PS1-style tribute to the supernatural mystery series

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Twin Peaks, the beloved mystery serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, has been the inspiration for several video games since the show first premiered in 1990. From Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake to Kentucky Route Zero and more, countless games have paid homage to the cult classic TV series centered on Special Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation into the murder of high school girl Laura Palmer in the quiet town of Twin Peaks, Washington.

The show itself has never gotten the videogame treatment, however, which is what makes Twin Peaks: Into The Night such a tantalizing experience.

A screenshot of Dale Cooper with Sheriff Harry S. Truman in the autopsy room looking over Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks: Into The Night. Image: Blue Rose Team
A screenshot of Dale Cooper in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks: Into The Night. Image: Blue Rose Team

Created by Blue Rose Team, a small team made up of French developers Lucas Guibert and Jean Manzoni, Twin Peaks: Into The Night is a fan game that reimagines Lynch and Frost’s original series as a PS1-style survival horror game à la Silent Hill and Resident Evil, complete with tank controls and full-motion video exposition that repurpose footage from the show. Guibert and Manzoni released the first demo for the game on Tuesday, covering the events of Special Agent Cooper’s arrival at Twin Peaks and his first encounter with Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge.

No word as to when we can expect the full release, but Guibert and Manzoni have made it clear that they intend to release the game for free when it’s finished, as the project is an unofficial tribute to the TV show. The demo itself is fantastic, channeling the idiosyncratic quirks of Lynch and Frost’s signature storytelling in a way that feels right at home in the interactive medium of games. So far, Twin Peaks: Into The Night is shaping up to be the video game adaptation the series always deserved back when it was still on the air.

The demo for Twin Peaks: Into The Night is available to download on

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