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The Stanley cup is not gamer safe

Save your keyboard from disaster and use a different cup

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A Stanley Cup tumbler in some sand against a blue background Photo: Stanley Cup via YouTube
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

The Stanley cup is everything: Your cold drink can now survive a car fire. It holds a lot of liquid, so you’re always ready to hydrate. They’re easy to carry, and they’re pretty; Stanley is always releasing new, alluring colors. But there’s one thing that the Stanley cup is not: gamer-friendly.

The Stanley cup’s fatal flaw is that it’s not leakproof — something you might expect from a $50 water bottle. Anyone who’s ever played a PC game with a beverage likely knows this scenario: You’re peacefully seeking out resources in Lego Fortnite when your mouse hand gets a little too close to your drink, spilling its contents onto your now sizzling keyboard. It’s a disaster! Best-case scenario is that your keyboard has to spend a night in a bucket of rice; worst case is you’re pulling out your wallet for a new keyboard.

Because of its leaking problem — which is a hot topic on TikTok — the Stanley cup is not gamer-safe, which is a devastating loss to me, a person who was looking to get a water bottle that matched my cute gaming setup.

Beyond gamers, sports coaches are actually waging a war against Stanley cups. (Well, at least one of them is.) In a viral TikTok video that’s been viewed 2.5 million times and has thousands of comments, a basketball coach shows off the array of Stanley cups that her team brings to practice... and which spill all over the bench and floor. Not safe! (I tried to bring a Stanley-like cup to hockey practice, and it was not ideal there either — I could not reach the straw through my helmet’s cage. A devastating rookie mistake.)

If you’re looking for a vessel to drink your G Fuel out of, I’ve got you. (I can’t say no to a trendy water bottle, so I have a lot of experience.) A classic Nalgene? Not as cute, but functional and spill-proof. There’s also the Hydro Flask with the foldable straw cap, so you can sip — cute and spill-proof. My guess on the next it water bottle, however, is Owala’s FreeSip; the colors are perfect, and, crucially, it doesn’t leak.

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