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Y: The Last Man trailer brings the classic comic to life for FX and Hulu

Yorick Brown and his monkey prepare to hit streaming

Many have tried and failed to adapt Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s acclaimed comic series Y: The Last Man, both for film and TV, but every project has gone the way of ... well, mankind in Y: The Last Man.

But now it’s actually happening. On Thursday, FX and Hulu released the first trailer for the series, which finds Vaughn and Guerra’s post-apocalyptic vision rendered with prestige TV quality.

In the new series, Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft) stars as the scrappy dude Yorick Brown, who discovers that he is the last man on Earth. With all living mammals with a Y chromosome dead, Yorick becomes a wayward soul, drifting from an encounter to encounter in the new, female-led world. Meanwhile, his family is spread out across the country following their own paths, and under the assumption that Yorick didn’t survive. The rest of the TV adaptation cast includes Diane Lane as Yorick’s mother Senator Brown, Olivia Thirlby as Yorick’s sister Hero, Amber Tamblyn as Kimberly Cunningham, Marin Ireland as Nora Brady, Diana Bang as Dr. Allison Mann, Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan, Juliana Canfield as Beth Deville, and Lashana Lynch as Agent 355, who factors into the story in a spoilery way we dare not divulge.

The trailer for FX and Hulu’s adaptation communicates the scope of the new series. Vaughn’s comic spanned the nation and even the globe, and Y: The Last Man appears to do the same.

After an unsuccessful pilot and a little recasting, FX and Hulu are ready to retell their episodic retelling of the series, which touts Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom, Rubicon) as showrunner. Y: The Last Man premieres on FX and Hulu on Sept. 13.

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