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Bayonetta 3 comes to Switch this October, now with more Bayonettas

Long anticipated fan-favorite sequel is a Switch exclusive

Bayonetta 3 will launch on Oct. 28 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Nintendo and PlatinumGames announced Wednesday. A new trailer for the game also reveals new details about the long-awaited action game, including that it will feature multiple Bayonettas and a playable “witch-in-training” named Viola.

Viola is described as a “feisty” ally of Bayonetta and will bring a sword and her feline demon Cheshire into battle against the Homunculi. Bayonetta herself will also have the new Demon Masquerade ability, summoning giant creatures (like a nasty tarantula beast) to aid her in battle.

In addition to a standard release for Bayonetta 3, Nintendo is also offering the Trinity Masquerade Edition at select retailers and its own My Nintendo Store. That version will include a 200-page art book and three game cases with reversible artwork for each title in the trilogy. Pre-order details are forthcoming, Nintendo says.

Originally announced at The Game Awards 2017, the sequel follows 2014’s Bayonetta 2, which was adapted for Nintendo Switch (along with the first Bayonetta) in February 2018. The original Bayonetta will get a stand-alone physical release on Switch on Sept. 30. Nintendo says a limited number of Bayonetta physical copies will launch at select retailers and through the My Nintendo Store for $29.99.