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All the ways WandaVision sets up for Captain Marvel 2

Lieutenant Trouble is all grown up

Monica Rambeau with glowing eyes in WandaVision. Image: Marvel Studios
Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

With all the spell slinging in WandaVision, which revealed Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s easy to see why the fandom was so focused on finding connections between the Disney Plus series and the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But WandaVision didn’t stop at building out the fantasy of the Marvel Universe. It also laid track for something much more science fiction: outer space. Here’s all the ways that WandaVision, and the rest of the MCU, set up characters for Captain Marvel 2.

[Ed. Note: This piece contains spoilers for WandaVision through to episode 9.]

Monica Rambeau has her origin story now

A young Monica Rambeau smiles up at Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Image: Marvel Studios

Though she began the series as baseline government agent, Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau has been set up for a more prominent role in the MCU. WandaVision expanded the story of the little girl from Captain Marvel, now all grown up and struggling to find her place in a post-Blip world. And, thanks to a few very determined trips through Wanda’s hex barrier around WestView, Monica has her own superpowers.

She’s shown off some glowing eyes, some superhuman toughness, the ability to sense electrical energy, and also this weird thing where she took several bullets for Wanda’s kids. The slugs passed through her body until they had been slowed to a harmless speed, all without harming her at all. All these new talents add up to a cinematic interpretation of the powers of the superhero Photon, Monica’s Marvel Comics counterpart.

The Skrulls are back

In the first of the two credits scenes in WandaVision’s final episode, Monica gets a visit from another remnant of the first Captain Marvel movie: A Skrull agent, posing as an FBI officer to get her alone. The alien woman tells Monica that she was sent by “an old friend of your mother’s” and “he’d like to meet you.”

She’s likely talking about one of two options. Either the Skrull woman means Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn, the leader of a group of peaceful Skrull refugees who are friendly with Captain Marvel — or she means Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, who was last seen out in space on a Skrull ship.

But either way, it looks like Monica is going on a big ol’ space adventure. When she asked where she could meet this old friend, the Skrull woman merely pointed at the sky.

Space. She meant space.

What happens to Monica next?

There are three places where we’re likely to see Monica’s story continue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first, potentially, is the Disney Plus Ms. Marvel series, which is set to hit the service in “late 2021.” Following the origin story of Kamala Khan as she becomes the shapeshifting Ms. Marvel, the show will likely include a tee-up to 2022’s Captain Marvel 2, as star Iman Vellani has also signed on to that production. If both Monica and Kamala are headed for Captain Marvel 2, it’s possible that we’ll see the former in the latter’s solo introduction.

The second, potentially, is the Disney Plus series Secret Invasion, set to star Jackson’s Nick Fury and Mendelsohn’s Talos as the MCU adapts the Marvel Comics event of the same name, in which Skrull operatives use their abilities as mimics to mount a — cough — secret invasion of Earth. Secret Invasion does not have a release window as of yet, but it’s possible that it could hit Disney Plus in time to coincide with or tie in to Captain Marvel 2.

And finally, obviously, we can expect to see more of Monica’s story in Captain Marvel 2, the as yet untitled sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, scheduled to hit theaters on Nov. 11, 2022.

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