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YouTuber designs game based on live chat input, resulting in meme chaos

Let it Flow is a collaborative game between chat and streamer

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

DevAddict is a YouTuber who shares tons of helpful content. His channel has videos like “Make a Souls-Like Action RPG in Unreal Engine 4” or “Multiplayer Climbing System Tutorial.” He’s also the publisher of a new game on Steam, developed by “DevAddict’s Chat.” Let it Flow is a game that defies genre. The store page’s description simply reads, “What happens when you let your YouTube community make a game? Well, you’re looking at it. Chat tells me what to make, and so I build it for them. I have no choice but to fulfill their wishes. Don’t judge me.”

Jumping into Let it Flow is an experience unlike any other. In order to play, I had to join a multiplayer server. In my first game, a team-based capture-the-flag match, I was a purple Shrek-like figure wearing a leather jacket that identified me as a cutie. A series of Olaf from Frozen snowmen charged at me, shooting out kernels of corn. I could rocket back at them, shooting streams of flame out of my butt, but I had a 50% chance that I’d shoot straight off the map and into the abyss.

Also, the entire map was covered with giant poos, like an outtake from Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Let it Flow also has Fall Guys-style obstacle courses, rocket launchers, driving elements, and a dedicated dab button. So far, the game has picked up positive reviews from DevAddict’s fans, who love seeing the chaos they’ve wrought on screen. “Why buy Fall Guys if this exists?” asks one review. “I fired sweetcorn, had a flaming rear and got so so angry every time I died. 10/10 would play again,” says another.

Let it Flow is a unique experience, and DevAddict’s channel showed the process of creating a meme game that’s part Fall Guys, part Team Fortress 2, part improv exercise. It’s certainly unlike anything else on Steam right now, although it may not have been a wise endeavor.

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