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Animal Crossing fans are doing the ‘pipe challenge,’ with stunning results

To infinity and beyond

An Animal Crossing player does the pipe challenge. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via acnh_devineland

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have had their hands on the Super Mario 35th anniversary items for a while now, which means that folks are starting to figure out new ways to use the set. While the warp pipe was immediately embraced as a handy tool and decoration, as well as a mini-game facilitator, it’s now also officially considered a great prop for taking photos.

You see, when you use the pipe, it thrusts you into the air. And if you’re quick enough, you can snap a picture of your character seemingly flying through the sky. This gave Instagram user acnh_devineland an idea.

“The second I stepped into one and saw how high it tossed you into the air, I knew there were tons of awesome creations that would be able to come from this!” she told Polygon over private messages. So, she decided to turn it into a challenge for the larger community, tasking everyone with taking the most creative photos possible with the warp pipe. What’s great is that you can completely obscure the pipe, so some photos almost look like they shouldn’t be possible. Like the float challenge before it, the pipe challenge has seen a number of submissions in which fans try and recreate scenes from pop culture. Below, you’ll find some of our favorites from the entries so far.