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Overwatch’s new patch has enhancement options for Xbox Series X and Series S

Options like 4K and 120 fps are now on the table

Hanzo aims his bow wearing the Kyogisha Hanzo skin in Overwatch Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch’s latest patch lets Xbox Series X, Series S players choose exactly how they want to view their game, including several new graphics options which let players enhance the game’s visuals, focus on performance, or split the difference.

The new “resolution” setting makes high-resolution the number one priority. In this mode, Series X players will get to play Overwatch in 4K at 60 fps, while Series S players will get 1440p at 60 fps. This mode will sacrifice image quality, if necessary, to keep the resolution consistent.

There’s also the “balanced” mode, which lets players keep a higher-fidelity image by sacrificing some resolution. For “balanced,” Series X players will see the game displayed at 1440p, while Series S players will get 1080p.

Finally, for the performance-over-everything crowd, there’s “framerate,” which prioritizes getting the game to 120 fps at all times. This mode features the same resolution as “balance,” but with lower overall image quality, to help keep the framerate high. Overwatch at 120 fps will only work for players using 120Hz or variable refresh rate displays.

To use any of these modes, players will just have to go into the graphics options and select the “Preferred Mode” setting. From that menu players can choose which of the three modes they’d like to use.