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Denuvo anti-cheat arrives on PlayStation 5’s tools and middleware

Developers will have better access to the anti-cheat tool now

The PlayStation 5 laying on its side, turned off Photo: James Bareham/Polygon

Denuvo anti-cheat software has been added to the PlayStation 5 tools and middleware library. This allows developers greater access to add this ubiquitous anti-cheat software to their games, which will prevent hacking and modding. However, some fans have concerns about Denuvo.

The tool has two main purposes. The first is to prevent piracy of a game, and the second is to stop hackers and cheaters from interfering with online games. The PlayStation 5 program only has the anti-cheat functionality. In Denuvo’s announcement, the developer says a number of PlayStation 5 launch titles used Denuvo, but did not specify which ones.

Denuvo isn’t without controversy, however. In May 2020, id Software removed Denuvo anti-cheat from Doom Eternal shortly after adding it to the game, after a massive outcry from some players, some of whom review-bombed the game on Steam. Players were concerned about the access Denuvo had to their computer, and any interference in single-player campaigns. Similar issues have been raised about Valorant’s anti-cheat software, which was developed by Riot Games.

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