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Gothic remake gets a new team from THQ Nordic

The latest update in a long-running tale

two prisoners, each dressed in chain armor, in the middle of a sword battle in the Gothic Playable Teaser Image: THQ Nordic Barcelona/THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic has set up a new studio, Alkimia Interactive, to handle the remake of Gothic, the publisher announced Thursday. Alkimia, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, will be picking up progress on the project, which THQ Nordic greenlit in 2020.

Originally released in 2001, Gothic was an action role-playing game set in a fantasy prison. The kingdom is at war with orcs, and losing. Prisoners are sent to penal colonies to mine ore, which were surrounded by impenetrable magic shields. The convicts have since taken control of the colonies, and trade with the outside world as a more independent force. The protagonist had to navigate the prison’s factions, choose who to side with, and investigate the magical mysteries of this world.

Gothic was successful enough to spawn multiple sequels, expansions, and spinoffs, but the series has been dormant since the early 2010s. THQ acquired the rights to Gothic and created a playable teaser that it released on Steam in late 2019. The company announced in February 2020 that it had greenlit the remake, writing: “THQ Nordic will establish a new studio based in Barcelona, Spain, and will then assess what players liked and what they want to be different than in the playable teaser.”

Alkimia is that new studio, where “development is well on its way” on the full Gothic remake for “PC and Next-Gen consoles,” THQ Nordic said in a news release.

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