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Animal Crossing fans are making good use of custom standees

50 new slots means more design opportunities

An Animal Crossing character stands in a Isabelle standee cutout. Image: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ highly anticipated anniversary update went live in mid-March, bringing with it important quality-of-life features like farts and Sanrio characters. But the biggest bombshell for hardcore designers had to be the increase in slots. Players promptly began using bonus slots for the new personalization options that have opened up for a handful of items.

In terms of flags, the most popular usage I’ve seen is Pride declarations for queer folks to celebrate their identities in the game. There are also plenty of creative and cute uses for both the custom umbrella and uchiwa — I’m a big fan of things that look like food, or designs that replicate tiny little faces.

But the most versatile out of all the new custom items has to be the face cutout standee. Partly, it’s just fun to see folks put fun pop culture references into the game, whether that’s a Ghibli movie or perhaps a fellow Nintendo game. But some folks have also figured out how to use the standees for interesting architecture, allowing them to build things like see-through walls and entirely new structures. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite standee customizations.

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