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New Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade video shows off Yuffie and an enhanced Midgar

The video also offers a look at some major quality of life features

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Square Enix released an extended, near-six minute trailer focusing on improvements for Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade and its PS5 version. The video touches on the game’s numerous graphical improvements as well as quality of life features. At the end, players get to see a bit more gameplay from Yuffie’s perspective — the star of this year’s new Intergrade episode.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade will see a complete visual enhancement over last year’s game, tailored specifically to the PlayStation 5. The first half of the new trailer focuses on improvements like fog effects, lightning, and textures.

In addition to the graphical improvements, players can toggle between a graphics or performance mode in the settings. The graphics setting will offer 4K resolutions, while the performance setting prioritizes 60 frames-per-second over graphical fidelity.

Players can also experience the game on the new Normal (Classic) difficulty, which involves more frequent pausing for in-combat Commands. The new difficulty will be a step up from the launch version’s Classic mode, which was only available on the Easy difficulty.

The video also features enhanced load times and a photo mode, allowing players to explore the world and quickly take beautiful shots of bosses or Midgar itself.

Toward the end, players get a bit more Yuffie gameplay, where the ninja and her companion, Sonon, fight off a giant drill boss. Players got a brief look at the fight in Yuffie’s original announcement trailer.

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade in February, during Sony’s most recent State of Play. Intergrade is a new episode where players can adventure through Midgar as Yuffie, a playable party member in the original Final Fantasy 7 who normally doesn’t appears until after the heroes leave Midgar. The Intergrade update will launch alongside the game’s PS5 version, which is a free upgrade for players who’ve purchased Final Fantasy 7: Remake.

Notably, fans who pick up Final Fantasy 7: Remake from PlayStation Plus in March won’t be eligible for the free upgrade.

Square Enix will launch Final Fantasy 7: Remake Intergrade and the Remake’s PS5 version on June 10.