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Animal Crossing fans are using fun new umbrella designs for perspective tricks

The secret of the cube

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - a villager lies on her bed, next to three Sanrio cute cube animals. Image: Nintendo via DokiCrossing
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ latest update included a quality-of-life change that island residents have been begging for: more design slots and more customizable items. Players can now design small flags, photo stands, handheld fans, and umbrellas. And since Animal Crossing fans are creative, it’s no surprise that players have already turned customizable umbrellas into a whole assortment of fun cosmetic items.

While players often carry an umbrella around their island, they can also place them down on the ground. At the right angle, the hexagonal shape of the umbrella looks like a cube, especially if an artist goes into the design mode with this in mind. With a little bit of work, artists can make custom cubes, leading to fun discoveries like the GameCube, compost bins, or even a poor Villager in a box, ready to be shipped to a new home.

The first viral instance of this phenomenon is an adorable cat house designed by Twitter user yamaji_maya, which only seems fair, since Nintendo gave us puppies back in November. Yamaji_maya also included a tutorial on how to achieve the trick while designing an umbrella.

Once players realized they could create cubes using a perspective trick, New Horizons suddenly had a lot more room for fun additions. For instance, these Sanrio Cubes by Doki_Crossing look adorable in any home, especially if you’re a fan of having a frog tank by your bed.

The perspective trick is applicable for all sorts of pets, like this one designed by player sproutplays, who created a bunny box. That’s a great prop for people who love bunnies, but also for magicians and stage tricks.

Umbrellas are also proving to be a great way to add some floral flair to your build. Sure, it’s easy to grow your own flowers in New Horizons, thanks to all the seeds and watering cans available for sale ... but having your own floral arrangements, done exactly to your tastes, is much nicer. Isleofmichelle on Twitter showed off the potential with a design code.

Not a fan of flowers? How about a giant GameCube to go along with your Switch? This is a design ideal for anyone who wants to invite their villagers over for a rousing round of Super Smash Bros. Melee — Final Destination, of course. Reddit user athousandbabies shared this one on a New Horizons design subreddit.

The New Horizons players who aren’t into gaming can set up a more elaborate library, thanks to the perspective trick. If bookshelves aren’t enough for you, you might have some extra crates for a good read on demand. It’s a great cottagecore cozy aesthetic by moonkeep_acnh.

Even if you’re not interested in shaking up your island too much, some players are using the umbrella perspective trick for wholly functional reasons. For instance, Reddit user Birne_Helene shared a code for a compost bin umbrella design.

If there are certain villagers you’d like to pack up, well, New Horizons design experts are cracking the code on that as well. Twitter user Pokemonyukko shared a design with poor Dom in one of the boxes.

New Horizons fans have been using the latest update to fuel all sorts of creative ventures, including making good use of the standees added to the game. The new patch also adds farts, which are just plain fun.

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