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Netflix promotes DOTA anime with a blast from the game’s past

Basshunter is still playing a little Dota

the Swedish musician Basshunter wearing a shirt with horizontal black and white stripes Photo: Leonard Gren

Netflix has launched its latest anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, with a nostalgic trailer highlighting a weird time in the game’s past. A time when Swedish DJs released professional-looking music videos celebrating the game and ... partying in the club? Behold, the return of Basshunter, performing the song “DotA.”

Admittedly, this either means nothing to you, or every synapse in your brain related to mid-2000s gaming is going off and you’re losing your mind. There’s really no in between. Check it out:

Basshunter first became an internet sensation in 2006 with when he released the song “Boten Anna,” an absolute banger that detailed Basshunter’s emotional journey as he realized that someone he thought was a bot meant to keep his channel clean was actually a real, living woman. If you have never seen this video before, I’m so jealous of the journey you’re about to enjoy.

The song led to a record deal, and in 2008 he released “DotA,” another ridiculously catchy song about hanging out, playing a little DOTA, and dancing the night away. It likewise became a hit, and I remember being completely mystified at the idea this DJ was singing about video games and bots while releasing videos that looked like your standard glorifications of dancing, late nights, and looking good. It was a strange time to be alive, but at least the music was good.

Netflix bringing Basshunter back to promote DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has certainly got Twitter talking. Highlighting this bizarre time in both dance music and gaming culture for an audience who may be too young to remember has made this Thusday just a little brighter, and a lot catchier.

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