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Neopets announces the upcoming Festival of Neggs scavenger hunt

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Hunt down and dye some Neggs

Characters from the Neopets online game franchise. Image: Neopets

Neopets, a create-a-pet website full of minigames and collectibles, has been live since 1999. The website is still going, and quietly buzzing with fan activity to this day. From April 5 through April 21, the site will be running the cheerful Festival of Neggs, an online scavenger hunt that can lead players to rare Neggs (which is a Neopets egg). The event is open to all players, both new and veteran.

Players travel around the Faerie-filled worlds of Neopets to find the rarest Neggs around. Not only can this result in rare Neopets, but players can also earn special charms, rare backgrounds, wearable items, and other cosmetic items to dress up their stable of Neopet friends.

A second paid event will run during the Festival of Neggs, called Dip & Dye Neggs. Players who decide to take part will get to dye their Neggs and earn additional prizes. Dip & Dye Neggs also begins on April 5, but runs through to the 30th.