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Hearthstone’s 2014-era Classic mode is now live

Back to the card game’s earliest days

Hearthstone - the game’s original 2014 key art, showing a tiny, startled gnome with goggles and red hair playing cards against a muscly, burly orc. Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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Today, Hearthstone players can log in and play the collectible card game like it’s 2014 again. Hearthstone Classic is a new game mode comprised of 240 cards from Basic, Classic, and the Hall of Fame. Every card has been reverted to its 2014 design, so everyone’s back in an age where Ragnaros the Firelord, Leeroy Jenkins, and Baine Bloodhoof are heavy hitting legendary competitive cards.

Classic joins Standard and Wild modes, which both grant the player access to different card libraries. In Standard, players are able to create decks out of the most recent expansions and a curated set of base cards. In Wild, players have access to all of the expansions, allowing them to create some very silly combinations of cards from over the years.

Classic card packs will be available only for use in Classic and Wild. Cards that released after Hearthstone’s launch, but are not currently part of an expansion, will be released for Wild as well. Hearthstone deck builders now have access to 27 slots, up from 18, so they can experiment with different kinds of decks including these legacy cards.

Players can log in and try Classic mode now for free, and challenge friends to one-on-one challenges. Everyone who logs in will get one golden Classic pack.

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