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Animal Crossing fans all want the Hello Kitty bridge

Keroppi is the king of the new Sanrio line

A screenshot from Animal Crossing. The player is in a green themed house with a yellow bunny. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Last week, a wave of new Hello Kitty items and characters hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The cards and the virtual items that they unlock are in high demand. Among them, the competition for cutest item is fierce — but one has arisen as a fan-favorite. The next big “it” item from the Sanrio collection is the Kerokerokeroppi bridge, an item from Toby the bunny’s set.

The bridge is not a real infrastructure project that can be installed to cross the river, so it’s available to set up indoors. It’s a beautiful little wooden construction that’s painted red and covers a tiny pond.

Inspired by Hello Kitty’s friend, Keroppi the frog, the bridge is popular across multiple trading sites and forums. It’s the most-wanted Sanrio item on Nookazon as of April 1, an administrator told Polygon. A representative from The Bell Tree Forums, meanwhile, said that trades related to “Kerokerokeroppi” were up by 48% since the cards were released. Another fan site called Animal Crossing World affirmed the trend saying, the items in the Kerokerokeroppi set are “all quite popular, especially the bridge.”

People are using the bridge to improve their gardens, and even take advantage of its smaller size to play with perspective. Here are a couple examples:

The bridge is the perfect way to create that tranquil Zen vibe for your island. As an Animal Crossing World representative said, “Animal Crossing players tend to really love any items that feel Japanese themed I’ve noticed.”

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