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Amnesia: Rebirth’s new adventure mode drops the scary bits

Goodbye darkness, my old friend

Artwork for Amnesia: Rebirth featuring Tasi holding a lit match in the dark Image: Frictional Games
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Horror game Amnesia: Rebirth is getting a new mode that drops the horror. Available Tuesday, March 30, on Steam,, and the Epic Games Store, Amnesia: Rebirth’s Adventure Mode is a new way to experience the game’s story “without the anxiety-inducing and very distressing elements present in the original game,” developer Frictional Games said in a news release.

Amnesia: Rebirth creative lead Fredrik Olsson said that Adventure Mode will retain the game’s “very serious theme and sometimes unnerving ambience,” but that players will experience something “a lot more like an Indiana Jones type of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience.”

In practice, Frictional Games said, Adventure Mode removes life-threatening encounters with the game’s shadowy monsters and the audiovisual effects that represent the player character’s fear levels. Amnesia: Rebirth’s dark environments are better lit, too; players won’t need to worry about rationing matches and candles to see in the dark. In addition to letting players roam freely, Adventure Mode will also include bonus puzzles for players to enjoy.

Olsson explained more about Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure Mode in a developer diary video:

Frictional released Amnesia: Rebirth on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC in October 2020. The game is a direct sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and tells the story of plane crash survivor Tasi Trianon as she fights to survive in the desert while piecing together the memories of her present situation and her past through hallucinatory flashbacks. The supernatural story is full of dark, winding tunnels and unsettling moments — an atmosphere that Frictional recognizes is not for everyone.

The developer released something similar to Adventure Mode for its previous game, SOMA. Frictional released Safe Mode for SOMA in 2017, retaining that game’s horror elements but making players invulnerable to harm.

Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure Mode is available for PC platforms now, and the game is on sale at a 40% discount to celebrate its release. Adventure Mode for the PS4 version of the game is expected in the coming weeks, Frictional said.

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