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Loki’s new trailer sends him on a sci-fi tour of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki and Owen Wilson save the universe

The Marvel Universe is broken, and it’s up to Loki to fix it, according to the latest trailer for his upcoming series on Disney Plus. Marvel released the trailer for Loki on Monday, and it seems like the show will send Loki from one famous Marvel movie moment to another.

The trailer starts out by reminding us where Loki is and how he got there. In Avengers: Endgame, Loki picked up the Tesseract and almost immediately got arrested by the extremely goofy Time Variance Authority (TVA).

According to TVA officer Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), when Loki picked up the Tesseract, he accidentally broke time, and now he’s got to fix it. And as it turns out, fixing time means traveling back through famous MCU moments in what looks like a sci-fi, reality-hopping, heist series.

Loki stands in front of New York and the Avengers tower after they’ve been destroyed Image: Marvel Studios

During this trailer alone, Loki visits an alternate universe version of New York, where Avengers Tower, along with the rest of the city, has been decimated. He also pops out somewhere that looks a little like Sakaar from Thor: Ragnarok, and maybe even Pompeii? He even appears to visit Black Widow — somewhere that looks a suspiciously like Vormir. And that’s only naming about half the references the trailer is filled with.

Loki sits with someone who appears to be Black Widow on a mysterious purple planet Image: Marvel Studios

This latest trailer comes in the middle of quite the run for Marvel Studios. On Friday, it released the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which revealed one of Marvel’s most famous cities. On Saturday, the studio released the final trailer for Black Widow, ahead of its July 9 release date.

Loki is set to be released on Disney Plus on June 11.

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