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Unbeatable is a stylish rhythm adventure game where music is illegal

Developer D-Cell Games reached its Kickstarter goal on Wednesday

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Unbeatable is a two-button rhythm game and an exploration game that’s met its Kickstarter goal on Wednesday — with 30 days left to amass more funding. It’s easy to see why the campaign has so much support; Unbeatable, from developer D-Cell, looks incredible.

Playing as Beat, a pink-haired singer, players will enter the half-rhythm, half-adventure game to build a setlist for an upcoming show. You see, music is illegal in this world — and Beat is going to fix that. Doing so requires the arcade-style rhythm gameplay, powered by the two buttons, interspersed with exploration sections in which Beat is hanging with the band and playing minigames.

If I had to compare Unbeatable to something, I’d call it Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game meets Promare. D-Cell Games said Unbeatable “aims to look like a long long bootleg 90s VHS recording of the newest anime on the block,” according to its Kickstarter page. And that sounds about right.

Unbeatable will also have an original soundtrack, which is already sounding incredibly good. “The music is written to accompany important narrative beats and motifs of the game’s story, and there’s also going to a bevy of B-SIDES (by RJ Lake) and story-exclusive tracks present in the final release,” D-Cell wrote.

For people that aren’t interested in rhythm games, Unbeatable will have an “Assist Mode,” D-Cell said, alongside other accessibility options — for players that just want to “vibe to the beat without being frustrated by the beat (or would like to/need to tweak settings to make the game more comfortable to play).”

Unbeatable [white label], an “episodic side-story demo,” is available for free on Steam beginning Wednesday, and includes six songs.

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