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On Among Us’ Airship, Impostors need their dead allies

A larger map means more teamwork opportunities than before

the Toppat Airship in Among Us Image: InnerSloth via The Game Awards/YouTube
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Among Us’ new Airship map is deadly for crewmates, thanks to the large size of the map and the fact most players are still learning every nook, cranny, and vent location aboard the ship. One big benefit of the Airship is that Impostors are useful and can work together as a team — even if one of them meets an untimely death.

While playing with a group of my friends, I accidentally slipped up and revealed myself as the Impostor a little too early because of a sloppy murder. I tried to defend myself, but no one was fooled, and I was shuttled into space.

On the game’s previous three maps, my usefulness would be severely limited. Sure, a dead Impostor can still hit sabotage and set off alarms, but doing so locks the other Impostor out of the same cooldowns, which can be a detriment — especially in a game where you can’t communicate. An Impostor dying early is a big deal because they become a sandbag for the bad guys, mostly limited to haunting other crewmates by running circles around them as a ghost.

But the Airship is big, and crewmates are spread out. That changes a lot of the usual dynamics of Among Us. For instance, a critical, game-ending sabotage takes a full 90 seconds to complete, and it’s much harder to tell who punched in the failsafe code. It’s the smaller sabotages that can have the biggest effect, like lights, communications, and especially doors.

A dead Impostor can enable their ally, turning the entire map into a slasher movie starring the world’s most unlucky victim. The dead Impostor can manage sabotages to create an endless traffic lock for a survivor. They can see the edge of another bean through the door behind them, and if they want to get the hell out of there, they have to pass one of Among Us’ most infamous mini-games: the card swipe.

People often struggle to swipe the card at the right speed when it’s for a mundane task on the Skeld, let alone when they’re trying to unlock a door with a rapidly advancing Impostor behind them. Then, if the dead Impostor has planned right, they can lead a survivor through a loop of constantly slamming doors, locking out any potential witnesses and blocking escape routes.

The Airship has an entirely different feel for Impostors, meaning that an Impostor who dies early can still be absolutely crucial for victory. If you happen to die early as an Impostor, just become the ghost in the machine, and start locking everyone into rooms and shutting off the lights. It’s just as fun as being the bean who unhinges their jaw and performs the actual assassination.

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