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Hitman 3’s Season of Greed has new targets and an egg hunt

The first deadly sin event

The Season of Greed is a series of free content in Hitman 3, including two Elusive Targets. This event lasts throughout April, from March 30 to May 9. The Season of Greed is part of the seven-part series known as the Seven Deadly Sins, which put on a series of events for players to pursue, each themed as one of the sins.

Act 1: Greed has a few new challenges for players to explore. The two new Elusive Targets are The Collector and The Politician. The Collector arrives in town on April 9, and will be in Dartmoor for 10 days. Players have to efficiently take out the target — there’s only one opportunity to get it right.

There’s also a seasonal egg hunt, where Agent 47 heads to Berlin to find new decorations and graffiti, as well as new targets and objectives. Players can unlock a suit permanently to wear year round, but the egg hunt will only be active from March 30 to April 12.

Here’s a total list of all the additions coming to Hitman 3 throughout April, including featured contracts inspired by community creators, and a three-part escalation.

Berlin Egg Hunt / Seasonal Event

The Satu Mare Delirium / Deluxe Escalation

The Collector (Dartmoor) / Elusive Target

Two Angry Gamers x Dubai & Dartmoor / Featured Contracts

The Politician (Hawke’s Bay) / Elusive Target

Achievement Hunter x Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza / Featured Contracts

Hitman 3 will be patched again on May 10, which will end the Season of Greed and start a new series of events staring the next deadly sin.

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