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Cyberpunk shooter Turbo Overkill finally gives players a chainsaw leg

Legs finally get the FPS respect they deserve

Even if you’re feeling a bit fatigued by neon-lit cyberpunk aesthetics in your video games, you have to give newcomer Turbo Overkill credit for a key combat innovation: It has a chainsaw leg. In Trigger Happy Interactive’s new fast-paced first-person shooter, your leg can turn into a chainsaw. Pair that with Vanquish-style power-sliding, and you’ve got what looks like a fun Doom-inspired shooter on your radar.

Turbo Overkill looks like a cybernetic murder ballet in its debut gameplay trailer. The player, as a violent killing machine tasked with cleaning up the streets of Neo-paradise, can wall run, double jump, air dash, and chainsaw slide. They can also shoot many guns.

The game proudly wears its visual and gameplay influences (OutRun, vaporwave, Duke Nukem, and Quake) on its sleeve and on its Steam page, where the developer also promises “excessive gore and dismemberment” as a feature.

Trigger Happy Interactive has Turbo Overkill slated for release on PC “soon™.”

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