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Gord is a spooky new city builder with Witcher and Frostpunk vibes

Dark fantasy adventure game is rooted in Slavic folklore

Gord is a new dark fantasy adventure game coming to PC in 2022, with elements of city building, survival, and strategy games, all wrapped in spooky Slavic folklore. And if you get any dark Witcher or Frostpunk vibes from the game’s debut trailer, there’s a good reason for that: Gord is the debut title from Covenant, a new Polish game studio founded by former CD Projekt Red and 11 bit studios producer Stan Just.

In Gord, players are tasked with growing their settlement, protecting their citizens from enemy tribes and monsters, and venturing out on quests. Players will have to hunt down legendary creatures, including giant spiders and other grotesqueries, on AI-powered quests in the game’s single-player narrative. They’ll also have to manage the sanity and mental burden of their fellow adventurers and citizens. To protect themselves, players will have spells and incantations at their disposal to fend off the powers of darkness.

In a preview of the game last week, Polygon was told that Gord shares similar mechanics with games like Northgard and Frostpunk, as well as Darkest Dungeon and Don’t Starve. The Windows PC game is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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