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The Mass Effect remaster looks way better than the original, and BioWare has the trailer to prove it

Mass Effect Legendary Edition gives the trilogy the graphical upgrade it deserves

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The remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy is only a month away from launch and BioWare wants to make sure you know how good it looks. On Tuesday, the developer dropped a new trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition that directly compares it with the original trilogy. And the difference is pretty stark.

The trailer doesn’t show that much of the three games, but instead focuses on stills and sections that highlight how much better their new versions look. You can see individual scales on Thane’s skin now, and all the details on Tali’s protective mask. All of the character updates look outstanding, and when BioWare puts them side by side, it even makes the original games look a little frightening.

The trailer also features a few impressive segments that highlight the world instead of the characters. One section gives us a before and after look at the Citadel, which includes fantastic new lighting and details that never made it to the original version. BioWare even shows off a Mako sequence in all its glory — for now we’ll just have to assume that the vehicle controls better than it used to.

Alongside its impressive new visuals, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will contain all three numbered entries in the Mass Effect series, as well as more than 40 pieces of DLC that went with them That DLC even includes promotional weapons and armor from the original releases, all remastered for the game’s new 4K ultra HD resolution.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will launch May 14 on Windows PC, via Origin or Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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