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The new F9 trailer brings the Fast and Furious crew close to space

All for the family

The ninth entry in the Fast and Furious franchise is finally hitting theaters (probably?), and Universal has released another trailer to announce its arrival. In the latest, and hopefully final, F9 trailer, Dom’s family gets a little bigger, but there’s still plenty of action for everyone.

Just like any good Fast and Furious trailer, the spot is all about car chases and other vehicular mayhem. There are roadsters swinging off of cliffs, lots of fists fights, and even a car getting pulled straight through a building by what looks like a giant magnet.

F9 is also making Dom’s family a little bigger with John Cena joining the cast as Dom’s younger brother Jakob, one of the world’s deadliest assassins. It seems that this Dom and the crew will have face off against Cipher (Charlize Theron), the villain from Fate of the Furious, once again, but this time she’ll have Jakob on her side.

F9 was originally scheduled to come out in May 2020, but was one of the first movies delayed as coronavirus was starting to spread in America — back when longterm theatrical closures seemed unlikely. The movie was first pushed almost a full year to April 2021, but it missed that opening as well. Now, with more theaters open than ever and a growing percentage of the US population vaccinated, Universal is ready to let F9 make its way to theaters.

One potential bright spot for the studios it the success that Warner Bros has enjoyed with its own mega-blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong, which has made over $80 million at the domestic box office and nearly $340 million in total. But while the battle of the titans was clearly a positive sign for theaters, F9 could be even more important considering its outstanding box office track record.

F9 is currently set for release on June 25.

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